The predecessor of Focus Safety Glass was Foshan YongSheng XinXingYe glass shop established in Foshan in 1988. Focus Safety Glass moved its production base headquarters to ShunDe District Foshan in 2010 covering an area of 45 acres for special glass.


Focus safety glass focuses on the processing of special glass in the industry. Our company is equipped with advanced glass processsing equipments.We have tempered glass production line from Moutian which can produce flat tempered glass in 3000mm*11000mm.And we also have two curved glass production line from Moutian Which can produce the max girth 3880mm*3300mm in canton. Another one can produce gitrh 2800mm*8000mm.

For the energy saving and environment. We have the insulated production line to process the low-e, coating insulated glass in size 3000mm*8000mm.

For the safety glass. We have two laminated glass production line to process glass in size 3000mm*11000mm.


In order to better meet market demand and strive for market competitiveness. Focus Safety Glass has reached a strategic partnership with leading companies XinYi Holding and China South Glass in the industry to create a larger market space and seek mutual benefit and win-win opportunities for common development.

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